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Our history

SETEK Consultants was born thanks to an obsessed Apple fan.


And I am united to Apple by the fascination that I have always felt for its mission, its vision and its values: its focus on proactivity, its determination to break the established, its way of anticipating and its rebellion in the form of propose technological solutions.

For years as a technology expert I watched with concern how IT teams always focused on solving problems in a reactive way instead of proactively avoiding them.

Just the opposite of the Apple mentality. That mentality that made me fall in love until I became obsessed with becoming the right hand of this company with which I feel so identified.

I created a team looking for the best technical profiles. People who shared my obsession with this way of working with technology in companies.

And I understood that our mission was to become the best technical team of any type of company, within the Small Medium Business, that needed to develop its full potential in the control, productivity and security of its Apple equipment.

When we entered the market, the solution we offered to companies was so powerful that we grew exponentially.


Today we are present in 3 offices in Spain, 1 office in Italy and 1 in the United Arab Emirates.

I currently belong to the global committee of Apple Consultants, being one of the 12 consultants spread around the world, one of the only two in Europe and the only one in Spain.

Within technological innovation, Apple is true innovation and we are experts in enabling companies to truly innovate with their products, but with a focus on results in their business.

Apple recommends us as its technological partner in charge of applying the best solutions for its equipment. We focus on helping entrepreneurs who want to remove 100% of their Apple equipment, quickly, efficiently and transparently, so that, in a maximum of 21 days, they can have their company ready and focused on making it grow.

Working with the best clients.

WM Hospitales
Clínica Buchinger
Stage Entertainment
Dubai Future Fundation
Brava Producciones
Project Work
Vilá Abogados
Clínicas Dorsia
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