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Manage and secure Apple at work.

We have among our services, the JAMF MSP partnership, which guarantees secure technology for the company and simple for the consumer to more than 72,500 organizations.

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Open your eyes !

Manage and protect Apple at work

Both for Business, Education and Health

Apple in the Company

For companies charged with ensuring proper device performance, safeguarding the security of both hardware and networks at all times, and granting only appropriate access to each employee, this can be a challenge.


Fortunately, Jamf can provide assistance with its Apple business management solutions, making it easyndo this task.

Apple Enterprise Management offers a comprehensive solution to manage devices, engage with users, protect data, and complement business needs with the following capabilities:

- Deployment of devices without intervention.

- Device and application management.

- Inventory control.

- Identity-based access.

- Self-service for users.

- Security administration.

- Prevention and resolution of threats.

- Visibility and compliance with regulations.

Apple in Education

Teachers require efficient, easy-to-use tools that fit the individual needs of students, no matter who they are, where they are, or how they learn. Jamf works with schools to provide a dynamic learning environment for everyone, using iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Apple provides the most prominent educational services and applications today. Their hardware has a lower long-term total cost of ownership, thanks to its higher resale value compared to other brands. This explains why many schools around the world choose iPad devices for their students, either through individual assignment or through a shared use model.

Apple in Health

Health centers are constantly searching for innovative methods to provide faster and more personalized care to patients, while improving communication between their medical teams. Patients want greater control and an improved overall experience. Can you imagine a scenario where patients can access their medical records, control blinds, and request assistance from a nurse from an iPad connected to an Apple TV?


That day has already arrived.

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